Hero and coward have the same fate. Everyone who lives must die, and the longer one lives, the more infirm one becomes. But there is a way to alter this destiny – by dying early, by dying healthy.

Yet there is a fate which is not a fate: it is a future.

This future is as open to the coward as the hero, as open to the weak and the common person as to the wealthy and the most powerful people and the most good-looking and the highly intelligent. The extraordinary cases are a fascinating set of social ideals, but the future does not belong to them.

The future is not yours to make, it is God’s. So if you want to be the future, you must be God’s. Because God is the author of all being, if you want your being to transcend its bounds, the only place to go is right to the source.

The rich person, the famous actor, the gifted genius, the minimum wage worker, the average person struggling in this world – to the future they are the same, they have the same fate.

The future knows everything, absolutely everything that will happen in the future. And so from you it only wants to know one thing: are you allied to the future, or are you indifferent to the future?

But how can you say, if you do not know what the future is? How can anyone say they are allied to the future if no one knows what the future is?

I propose to you that we can say what the future is, and we can work on the behalf of the future, because the future is the reign of the absolute good. We can argue about the specifics of its unfolding, but one can’t get started at all without agreeing that the absolute good reigns, and gave us the holy and the sacred with which to overcome. We can’t begin on the future at all until we lay claim to what the absolute good means in our own life, we can’t begin to be the future at all until we take seriously the demand of the absolute good.

If you want to be the future, you must give everything you have in the effort to understand what actions the absolute good demands you take in your life. In that way, you ally yourself with the absolute good, in order to face the future with the equanimity and transparency which only a clear conscience can provide. To be Spirit means to have a conscience, and only God can create Spirit, who established the forgiveness of wrongs before the foundation of the world.

By allying yourself with the absolute good, you can slip the fate of all being, and commit yourself to the infinite creative energy of the future, forever inspired by the striving ideal of the absolute good.

There are many billions of people alive, and there have been countless forms of life, but only ever one absolute good, only ever one future. Be the future, love most of all the absolute good.


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