Episode 6.3 – Two Minute Spirit Bits

-A lot of people read my writing for a second and must assume either that I take myself too seriously, or that I am a fool. To the first charge I must say that this is not the case - I do take my subject matter very seriously however, yes, I do take that very… Continue reading Episode 6.3 – Two Minute Spirit Bits

Creativity is forwards, love is backwards

Time runs; but it does not only run forward. Time is a product of human subjectivity, and part of what it means to be a subject is that we relive moments of time. More, who we are is a matter of time running backward. The forward of time is the unknown, time itself, inhuman and… Continue reading Creativity is forwards, love is backwards

Building an atmosphere

A religious ceremony may seem like superstitious non-sense, even to "true believers" of a certain type. Yet it is the farthest thing from non-sense: a ceremony sets the intention of the participants, and that is a very real and powerful force. Manifesting abstract intentions: that is how you bring order into being. Now, what exactly… Continue reading Building an atmosphere