Under Ben Bulben by W.B. Yeats

I know I said I would get back to my spiritual rantings after some Whitman songs, yet the poetic interlude continues. Before I get back to my rogue wisdom, you have to swear you're ready to listen. Maybe you'll listen to somebody with some real clout, some real authority, such as Nobel prize winning poet… Continue reading Under Ben Bulben by W.B. Yeats

Episode 9.75 – Interlude – Spirit Bits #1593 by Emily Dickinson

Poetic interlude within Episode 9, the recitation-interview with Soren Kierkegaard reading "The Expectancy of Faith." Although I can never orate this poem as beautifully as it is written, as perfectly as it is written, I give it a few solid tries, and create some little wind of my own, even if I'm unable to hit… Continue reading Episode 9.75 – Interlude – Spirit Bits #1593 by Emily Dickinson