Pre-manifestoes, value dichotomies, new tablets

Because I am gearing up to be a spokesperson for the essential building project, I want to discuss what I mean when I use the word "essential." The essential part of the essential building project is the principles, and the shapes of the structures. The building materials and techniques are accidental. But just because the… Continue reading Pre-manifestoes, value dichotomies, new tablets

Building an atmosphere

A religious ceremony may seem like superstitious non-sense, even to "true believers" of a certain type. Yet it is the farthest thing from non-sense: a ceremony sets the intention of the participants, and that is a very real and powerful force. Manifesting abstract intentions: that is how you bring order into being. Now, what exactly… Continue reading Building an atmosphere

It is not so easy to say

It is not so easy to say what is greed and recklessness and what is the agonistic drive of humanity. Spirit helps to differentiate the two. That is, frankly, all you need to know about Spirit. And not even that much -- it is enough to strip down the proposition to its simplest parts and… Continue reading It is not so easy to say

A return to the first post

A critical reading might turn to me and say: "You're going on and on about capitalism creating an environment of uncertainty, through a price-system which has speculation as its foundation, in this first post of yours." (An Opening Salvo About Uncertainty) "And yet you're a "spiritualist," what could stress uncertainty more than your deus absconditus?… Continue reading A return to the first post

Establishing relationships

It is a rank cliche to say that corporations are the problem. Why are they the problem? you might ask. They provide jobs, and often help the community, if not always the environment. They're not perfect, but without a doubt corporations have been responsible for more material comfort and social stability than they have for… Continue reading Establishing relationships