Episode 6 – You Is A Dual Who

Hello sisters and brothers and all others in Spirit,

Here is the next episode of The Anarcho-spiritual Broadcast. Thank you for knowing how to listen to these things, whatever these episodes may end up being.

I am indebted to you for bringing your proper ears, and judging me not by my station in life but by the goodness I promote. I long feared I did not know how to speak of my everlasting hope, that I lacked the proper tongue for such things as Spirit and absolute unity.

But hearing you hear me has cleared the air between us, and we can now give voice to Spirit together, as equals, as partners, as co-investors in the good, with a fiduciary duty to the absolute good itself. So let us allow new words to fill up this space your openness has opened up between us. Or are you not ready to listen?

You is a dual who: there is a who who is perpetually unsatisfied, and there is a who who is satisfied in the being of all things. . .

The main topics of this episode include a brief marketing pitch for my blog, the nature of the ideal, and a discussion of the selection-process of the beyond.

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