An Opening Salvo About Uncertainty

The essential functioning quality of capitalist markets is not competition, but uncertainty.

So let us speak about uncertainty. Are you ready? Too much uncertainty is bad for competition. But what is good for competition?

When the market is based on speculation, uncertainty is not only a condition of living and working in the capitalist marketplace – it is the secret product, the shadow commodity, the esoteric psychic life of all our stuff, those common, everyday, raw, naked commodities.

When the essential fiction of the market is told now it is fabricated from a premise that lives on speculation. It buys and it sells perceptions. But it takes the desirous consumer to create true uncertainty.

And so uncertainty is the ultimate and essential capitalist production. It was long ago discovered that the essence of the commodity is the true product of capitalism, which has ultimately only ever made one product, capitalism itself, and reproduced that same product endlessly.

The ontological-fiduciary status of capital is that of a virus of value – hijacking the human capacity of value-making to endlessly reproduce versions of its same program, its relative representation of the symbolic value of existence.

But then again, even Nature, when She operates, takes a cut. —

So how do I see capitalism upbuildingly? – As a bridge, as a passage to a higher form of production.

It is that more noble form of production that I will discuss on this blog.

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