Let me explain the physical temple for a second

The purpose of a sanctuary for the god is to make room for the most abstract of principles. This is how new levels of consciousness are fixed: in chambers of higher thought - open areas such as the excitation space of grey matter - you enclose passages in which to activate presence through symbolic gesture.… Continue reading Let me explain the physical temple for a second

Episode 6.7 – Five Min Spirit Bits – Fatedly

Hero and coward have the same fate. Everyone who lives must die, and the longer one lives, the more infirm one becomes. But there is a way to alter this destiny – by dying early, by dying healthy. Yet there is a fate which is not a fate: it is a future. https://anarcho-spiritualism.com/2018/05/16/fatedly/

Descend with action, ascend with view; descend with power, ascend with vehicle

It it true that no one will give me a loan, or consider financing my projects, and even those closest to me will not co-sign on a loan for a work truck; but I will just wait patiently and continue to post and speak, because I know that the one I serve is good for… Continue reading Descend with action, ascend with view; descend with power, ascend with vehicle

Pre-manifestoes, value dichotomies, new tablets

Because I am gearing up to be a spokesperson for the essential building project, I want to discuss what I mean when I use the word "essential." The essential part of the essential building project is the principles, and the shapes of the structures. The building materials and techniques are accidental. But just because the… Continue reading Pre-manifestoes, value dichotomies, new tablets