Episode 9.8 – The Expectancy of Faith by Soren Kierkegaard – The Last Part

Join me as I conclude my interview-recitation with Soren Kierkegaard, who came back from the dead to read “The Expectancy of Faith,” an upbuilding discourse published in 1843. It goes without saying that this is an exclusive interview with Kierkegaard, who appears only through the refraction of subjectivity and the legacy of an eternal consciousness.

If your goal was to say you had read or were reading Kierkegaard at a party or function, after this final episode (presuming you did the three previously) you will have indeed read an entire Kierkegaard essay, uncut and unabridged, with only some personal details added for affect.

If you are popping in for a quick listen or just want to know what a few upbuilding words taste like, let us keep in mind the distinctions Kierkegaard draws regarding these essays: “they are called ‘discourses,’ not sermons, because its author does not have the authority to preach, ‘upbuilding discourses,’ not discourses for upbuilding, because the speaker by no means claims to be a teacher.”

Soren also demanded, as a requirement for his appearance, that I quote from an explanatory text on his authorship (KV XXII [SV XIII 501]): “From the very beginning, I have stressed and repeated unchanged that I am ‘without authority.’ I regard myself as a reader of the books, not as the author.
“‘Before God’, religiously, I call my whole work as an author (when I speak with myself) my own upbringing and development, but not in the sense as if I were now complete or completely finished with respect to needing upbuilding and development.”

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