Episode 9.3 – The Expectancy of Faith by Soren Kierkegaard – Part 2

Special guest Soren Kierkegaard continues reading “The Expectancy of Faith,” an upbuilding discourse exploring the meaning of religious faith, the central subject of Kierkegaard’s authorship.

The text is from 1843, the very beginning of Kierkegaard’s published works, a good starting point to encounter his thinking about faith. This starting point will lay the groundwork to make future insights into how Kierkegaard’s writing about faith evolved over the years.

In part 1 of the episode, “The Expectancy of Faith” opened with a prayer, and then Kierkegaard spoke about wishes and wishing, and the desire to wish something appropriate for those we love the most, and the difficulty of wishing something specific for an uncertain future.

In this second part, Kierkegaard continues his exploration of faith, as we follow his thought through imaginary encounters and minor digressions toward the goal: to understand what the expectancy of faith is, and to incorporate that knowledge, to be upbuilt, to become strong in the Spirit.

Feel free to follow along with the text directly if you would like, there are snapshots of the book pages below. The interview records a speaking of the direct text, although pronouns are changed and words are repeated for clarity.

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