Episode 9 – The Expectancy of Faith by Soren Kierkegaard – Part 1

Have you ever wanted to read the 19th century Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard, because of his reputation and respect among other philosophers? Wittgenstein, to quote one off the top of my head, called Kierkegaard “the most profound philosopher of the 19th century,” and Heidegger claimed that Kierkegaard’s religious speeches were as philosophically significant as his theoretical works.

Have you ever wished you could say truthfully at a party, “I was just reading Kierkegaard the other day. . .” but you never actually got around to reading it a few mornings or afternoons?

Well then this show is for you. Through pioneering metaphysical technology, I have landed an interview with Soren Kierkegaard himself, who agreed to come on the show to read his upbuilding discourse “The Expectancy of Faith.”

I call this a direct text episode: you will get Kierkegaard’s writing uncut, an entire discourse, so you can feel the arc and rhythm and sense a bit of the style, rather than a stale summary that conveys none of what is so moving about Kierkegaard’s work.

By having Mr. Kierkegaard on for an interview to read his text directly, I am able to ask questions about the reading as the host, and when the written word becomes hard to follow, I can have Kierkegaard phrase it another way. Even with a bit of commentary and talkiness, it is still a direct text reading, point by point, sentence by sentence, word by word. Then you can say that you not only have read Kierkegaard, but that the text was delivered to you directly by the author.

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