Episode 6.3 – Two Minute Spirit Bits

-A lot of people read my writing for a second and must assume either that I take myself too seriously, or that I am a fool.

To the first charge I must say that this is not the case – I do take my subject matter very seriously however, yes, I do take that very seriously. But can a person really say that another person is taking the sacred sciences too seriously? 

No, it is clear that I have chosen the most noble subject to study and synthesize, but that I myself am a bit of a joke. Yes, I will grant you that I am nothing more than an unemployed spiritual writer and an intoxicated jester, but you must also admit that I do my jesting for God. And also maybe for a second when I dance, maybe then I might take the dance moves rather seriously, and I might spend too much time practicing these moves, and creating complex ways to dance of the breath. But whether or not what I’m saying is all a bit too serious, you must agree that they are still dance moves, this rhetoric of mine.

Yes, you may be right that I dance because I am the fool, but I dance with joy nonetheless, because if the fool is the part I am meant to play – I will play it with the best of my ability. 

And if it is true that a person ought to play whatever part they are given with gusto and appropriateness, and if the role of the jester is simply to act afool and to dance for someone – well then I’m glad I’ve been chosen to dance and make myself a fool for God. 

And maybe that is the real secret joy in spirituality – an unearthly gladness in being able to perform for something which is timeless. 

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