Mysterian mysterium

SEEKER: What is this ‘secret of secrets’ you keep referring to, mystic? Why can’t you sum it up in one or two formulations, a few sentences? Isn’t that the magic, to sum it all up sharply and profoundly, to uncork a gesture of wisdom? If you could put it in the form of a meme, that would be best.

MYSTIC: The secret of secrets? You want me to sum up an esoteric physiology in a few precise and brief phrases? Ok, I’ll try, let me begin by describing the body in question.

MYSTIC [cont.]: Naturally we start at the bottom, like a tree grows, or any natural thing grows – from the ground up. So there are two feet. The foot is a tripod, with four nodes on each foot (the back pair of nodes resolves into a synthesized mean point trigonometrically).

MYSTIC [cont.]: Each foot has five toes. The biggest toe, it is the inside corner node on each foot. The corner node surrounds the big toe as one point of the shortest side of a very acute triangle, which is why the foot is a tripod. The second toe is the edge of the pinky toe’s influence, if imaged as the aforementioned triangular synthesis of pressure towards the ground. Now, the middle toe is a bridge–

MYSTIC [cont.]: Shit, ok you’re right, I can’t do it. You should probably just pray quietly for a while and see what you can feel out.

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