To grasp the power of absolute unity is to escape the fetters of a determined life

To grasp the power of absolute unity is to escape the fetters of a determined life: your hands are a vehicle of openness.

Absolute unity is paradoxical, stopping human consciousness in its tracks. Innate consciousness knows it to be true, that Spirit is the source of all life and matter, which means that all of Nature is conscious to some degree, is another form of consciousness. By intuiting the conscious web, you can perceive that for human reasoning this creator Spirit is represented by the abstraction “absolute love.” Absolute unity includes absolute love, because love is to consider yourself in the same world-community as another person, which is a sense of shared identity, which is unity. Absolute unity is “the truth,” the key to the gates of wisdom, and the revelation of the mystery of faith.

But intellectual and mechanical reasoning can always doubt and deny it, that absolute unity solves the mystery of the everyday, which is “Why is there order in the universe at all?”, a question you can ask endlessly. At the proverbial end of the day, this persistent if flexible order apparent in the universe seems to suggest a transcendent source of all phenomena. You can affirm or deny this metaphysical suggestion, that there is a supra-physical source of all phenomena, but either way you are reacting to the metaphysical suggestion, your thoughts are always in reaction to that which is without a reasonable doubt the case, which is that there is a deep order pervading the natural world. You can affirm or deny that this points toward a transcendent source of unity which creates all being, but you cannot deny that the order itself exists, and your own subjectivity did not create it, the depth of being is far beyond your own limited existence.

Innate consciousness grows in strength and subtlety as the methodical questioning and experimentation of intellectual and mechanical reasoning seeks to end doubt, hoping to form a clear image, searching for reproducible confirmation, the evidence of the senses. Language, too, is a search for reproducible confirmation, a cycle of communication being semantic evidence.

Innate consciousness wants to create, and intellectual and mechanical reasoning is only another tool in its creative palette. So long as absolute unity is there to set the creative horizon, the soul can utilize intellectual and mechanical reasoning, while surrendering its hopes and desires to the refining process of the soul’s differentiation from absolute unity, creator of universes. And yet the soul exists, and is related to God, and the hands behold it. Your hands are a vehicle of openness: turn them upward in supplication toward absolute unity, which loves absolutely and is love, unity being the metaphysical activity of love.

Your hands are a vehicle of openness: turn them toward your heart, turn them inwards, where you know deep down that everything you have has been given to you. You know not what to call this giver, who reflects your love back into the world, after you first petition it to show you the way to your better self. This animating Spirit who gives true blessings is a consequence of absolute unity, which holds the world together from heaven, and shepherds souls to their cosmic home.

My hands are a vehicle of openness, and my grandma’s hands still live within my own hands. By the power of absolute unity — which drew her forth into life, and of which she imparted knowledge to me, not with words, even, but with her hand in my hand — her Spirit continues to draw forward. She told me of absolute love, and though I could not hear it then, not in words, I could remember it, in my hands, facing up to myself, facing up to myself and absolute unity, which reflects everything. To be reflected in heaven is to be loved and to be judged. To be a reflection is to live on in the image, the infinite possible consequences of light, even when the light is a sound, a silent voice, or a touch in the flesh of the Spirit, where presence abides, where being calls out toward lastingness.

To be a reflection is to impart and indwell, to hold and to magnify light. And it is absolute unity which is the light, the light within, and I believe it is this that I heard from my grandmother, that she was able to impart, to implant. It is this unbreakable faith in the Spirit of absolute unity which she had gathered and built her entire life, a treasure of interiority she willed unto me, and which sustains me still, drawing me onward.

The root she gestured toward, where creativity and suffering unite, is absolute love, where God bursts open the world as a free and open creative project, and life as eternal transformation. Your choices, intentions, and the words you use, and your actions have eternal consequences, your existence will be reflected now and in the hereafter. Come to God in all humility because absolute unity is the source of true strength. Be transparent with God and all souls, and your existence will be reflected brightly in heaven. Love God, and you will sense absolute unity, there in plain sight everywhere around you.

Go within toward God, toward the quiet, and practice truly hearing, truly listening, by clearing your head of your own thoughts. That is the practice of prayer, opening yourself up to a higher communication. Such is how absolute love appears to people.

Your hands are a vehicle of openness: rinse them in absolute unity by clasping them to your desperate hope, clutching that pocket of goodness where the real and the absurd become fused through the disciplined attention of will, toward a will, toward a conditional will. The conditional will gives and takes, holds on and lets go, able to see how to go beyond itself by offering its Spirit up to the unconditional, absolute unity.

Giver, receiver, accuser, consoler: the hands are a vehicle of openness, casting a globe of influence in their movements. Be sure you show due respect to the absolute unity which fills your world with light, the light which rises from behind the castle within and emanates compassion from your arms, goodness or falseness pouring out of your chest. The world is transfigured fathom by fathom, palm by palm.

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