Only a subject can be alone

A perspective on a three dimensional object is a point of view, which processes only two dimensions of that object. A perspective on an event in time is a quale. Only a subject can have a perspective on an event in time, because a subject processes world-community, that’s what it means to be a subject.

Heaven senses qualia, not objects, and judges individuals, not any one act or impulse alone.

Only a subject can be alone. No such thing or object or moment can ever exist in isolation, interconnection is omnipresent. But an individual subject can find itself alone. Only that which has a perspective on events in time, who senses qualia, can be alone. And only a soul can know God, who is the alone of the alone. The absolute good is so alone it is right there with you, because it will not recognize itself in favor of letting you recognize, and be recognized by God. The abnegation of absolute selfhood allows the individual soul an eternal existence of recognition.

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