Heavenly jurisdictions

It is true that what happens on earth is reflected in heaven. But the reflection is not only receptive, like a mirror, it is generative too — heaven also reflects back into you, which is the light inside every person. Heaven gives light within, that’s what it does. But it also judges, because it reflects all perspectives of any situation. Heaven is the terminus of all consciousness, because it is the summation of all reflections, from the chemical affinities of the mineral world to the social realm of humanity.

Heaven senses qualities, and reflects them, that is the kingdom of God, the dimension where qualia are reflected. Heaven reflects back onto the soul a light within, where an intention set on the absolute good burns bright interiorily. In this way the inward person, the life of the soul is revealed.

That which is above is like that which is below, because the above (heaven) reflects that which is below (earth). But heaven, while receptive of human subjectivity, is not determined by it. Heaven is the reflecting force, the medium of transmitting a reflection. Therefore heaven sets the conditions of reflection, and earthly phenomena is measured against those conditions — that is judgment. That which judges is determinative. When the light is replayed and all perspectives are reversed, without fail the conditions of reflection will prevail. Even if heaven and earth were to pass away, the law of being which sets the conditions of reflection would prevail in the cosmos.


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