Who do you say that I am?

But who am I? – I am a child of God, like anyone else who identifies with the greatest love within them.

God is holy; and human beings are not. Human beings are not whole, and they are not the highest Unity, transcendent supernal Oneness, no that is God. A human being is a divided and compounded being, a complex organism riddled with errors and competing drives, an organic battlefield, a blend of sin and breath, fleeting and dependent, derivative, a system bound to fail, encoded for annihilation, dissolution, disintegration, becoming overwhelmed by entropy and consumed by ambient matter: that is the destiny of all human beings, that is your destiny.

But God is the eternal One, absolute and infinitely independent, which a divided and conditional being like a person needs before it can exist at all. That you are created does not mean your life is predetermined, or that you have to follow arbitrary rules because you were created by God. To be created by God does not mean you shouldn’t believe in evolution, or that you should be skeptical of science in a superficial and political way. To be created simply means that you are a child of God.

But it also means much more than that: it means that every single person is a child of God. And so you must act according to that a priori existential truth of others divine parentage, that is what is essential and necessary, rather than acting according to the truth of a doctrine or a stated belief. The doctrine and the stated belief are accidental, and yet necessary, while the essential is essential and necessary.  The doctrine and the stated belief are images and sounds based on the milieu in which the essential occurs. The essential part of religious revelation is the a priori existential truth of the universal human potential to transform itself into Spirit.

It is not enough for you to say that you believe you are a child of God, or that the Christ was the son of God. The Christ was saying that he was the son of God, yes, but if you read the New Testament with your eyes open, and you listen to it with the inner ear of faith, you will see how the Christ was saying he was Son of God, because God is Father in heaven. He was the son of man: from God, of man. Yet this Father in heaven is not only the Christ’s father. Everyone has two fathers: the father on earth, and the father in heaven. The father in heaven came first, creating all the natural world. Then the line of man. When I say God created, I mean that God is at the root of all vital and natural processes, all the way down to the quantum level. God brings every person into being at the vital instant, instilling infinite virtualities of potential, and fixing form on an immaterial level. Without the transcendent unity of the One, nothing would exist. And when you realize this, then you are a child of God too. Who are your brothers and sisters? – All the other children of God.

To be a child of God you must identify with this Oneness which created you. You must understand how your nature relates to the nature of God, and how earthly matters should be treated in relation to divine things.

If you say to me in reply, “I do not think that I am a child of God, because God is not real, so the whole line of thinking is pointless. . . ” Or you say, “I do not want to be a child of God, because the concept of God has done more bad than good in the world. . .”

I would respond to you by saying that I can only speak for myself, I can not address every confusion, or speak to every possible notion possibly attributed to God or not. I can only say for myself that I am a child of God, because when you’re born into the world of Spirit, unlike being born in the material world, you undergo birth while conscious. You can be certain you are conscious for this birth, because you were conscious of the death of your previous consciousness, which identified itself as attached to the body. You let that bodily being die by letting in the light of a higher consciousness, which suggests that you ought to try and identify with God, because God is the eternal point of absolute Unity present at the beginning and end of all created and compounded things, all major phase changes of entropy. Conception is a moment of exceptionally low entropy, and death is the first irreversible moment of this particular entropy process. Moment by moment, God is there.

But I can only speak for myself, when I say that every single person is a child of God. If you also say that you are a child of God, you also say that every single person is a child of God. And as a child of God, you have the rights of inheritance. What it means to be a child of God is to be an heir of the world to come, sons and daughters of the beyond.

Beware, though, you who know how to listen to my word. Beware, and know, that if you identify with what is divine in you, that places the condition on you that you interact with what is divine in every person. So be careful what you choose to hear, what you choose to see, what you choose to acknowledge. The person who knows little of divine things can sin little; but the person who identifies with the divine in themselves and then treats others as if God’s light did not shine in them, that person is capable of much greater sins – they are guilty of much more serious sins, and will be punished accordingly. As Moses said, to be related to God is to receive a condition which ends in a blessing or a curse (Deuteronomy 11:26-28). There is no middle ground – when you speak about and thus interact with the highest, you will be judged by the highest. And it is only the highest good which can deliver true blessings and final curses. The decision is based on the measure with which you measure others, that will be your judgment – that treatment you gave others will mete out your damnation or salvation. Judge others at your own risk: you ought to know that God is a very forgiving judge – and an extremely harsh punisher.

Even if you can’t interact with what is divine in others on a moment to moment basis, even if you can’t live in the bliss of love, but suffer life and harsh days, still you can acknowledge that divine parentage is the state every person exists in, and meditate on that when you go to pray. You can express that in your beliefs and actions over the long-term, if you are one of those loving people who sometimes is in a bad mood in the rush and hurry of a day, and gets caught up in events and sometimes reacts harshly. God is eternal, and knows your heart, and will accept your repentance, and will know through this consciousness of yours that you are a devoted and loyal if flawed child. I am such a child, devoted and loyal, flawed and foolish.

A child of God interacts with everyone under the faith that they too are a child of God. It is the love of unknown brothers and sisters which will help others to identify with what in them is divine. In so doing, a person can understand how they are different from God, and how that difference is that a person needs God, and yet God does not need any person. On the contrary, God has already been there when needed most, creating every person as a human soul, a vehicle for Spirit, which is the transcendent site of a person’s connection to God, a locus of mediation with the absolute.

Do you say you are a child of God? Do you act as if you are a child of God? Who do you say that I am?

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