Spirit lives

The life of the Spirit is not one of powerlessness, although it resigns itself from seeking earthly power. The life of the Spirit is not one of powerlessness, but one which does not worship power. In the life of the Spirit you worship God, because only God gives Spirit, the highest gift and attainment possible in a human life.

God is the most powerful of all powers, and so power is meaningless to God. God knows what is greater than any power, and so God provides it to a human being, which endows the individual with a soul. The power greater than power which instills soul I call Spirit.

What is Spirit? – Spirit is to power as sharing is to stealing.

The life of Spirit is not one of powerlessness, but rather it is a life which does not fear losing what power it has. Because Spirit can never be taken from you. You can ignore it, you can deny it, you can disintegrate it, but it cannot be taken from you, or ever be lost forever. Because you share Spirit with God, and God is never destroyed nor created. Aye, God is eternal and everywhere. You will sooner lose yourself in games of power and the chance of fortune than be lost to Spirit, which is forever willing to let you resign your power and every hope and desire to it, to be purified in goodness and everlastingness.

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