My problem with Occupy Wall Street was not the intention nor the catch-phrase. I like the idea of occupying something, and the “We are the 99%” catch-phrase was the best thing they created. So what that there was a complete lack of substantial ideas? Forget about not having any strong leaders or concrete demands, no I was fine with all that. I appreciated the bare gesture of occupying a place, the happening-type theatricality of it, as if protest had formed from a paroxysm of performance art.

No, I was down with all that. My problem with the Occupy Wall Street movement was that they had such shitty tents. If your entire plan is to occupy a prominent and symbolic public place, and you set it up with little canvas tents that can be knocked over by a few police shields, well that’s hardly a resistance.

You can rest assured that if I ever occupy a position, whatever unoccupying force decides to act against it, well they had better have a few tanks and more ready to mobilize. I don’t pop up shitty tents and hope for the best. I build structure.

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