It is not so easy to say

It is not so easy to say what is greed and recklessness and what is the agonistic drive of humanity. Spirit helps to differentiate the two. That is, frankly, all you need to know about Spirit. And not even that much -- it is enough to strip down the proposition to its simplest parts and… Continue reading It is not so easy to say

Establishing relationships

It is a rank cliche to say that corporations are the problem. Why are they the problem? you might ask. They provide jobs, and often help the community, if not always the environment. They're not perfect, but without a doubt corporations have been responsible for more material comfort and social stability than they have for… Continue reading Establishing relationships

Riffing On the soul

Experience is a substance held together by time. Imagine the tension needed to hold together such a substance. Only consciousness can provide that tension. The tension is not just the inherent stress of being aware. Think about looking back on a time nostalgically. You were already there once, but now you're there again in a… Continue reading Riffing On the soul