How to determine what the truth is

Wills, and forces of will, and willednesses rule the universe, not impersonal forces and conglomerations of matter and scientific theories.  Clever people place their faith in the impersonal over the personal, the reality of matter and the collective over the reality of the personal will, because matter and the collective and impersonal seem to be… Continue reading How to determine what the truth is

Only a subject can be alone

A perspective on a three dimensional object is a point of view, which processes only two dimensions of that object. A perspective on an event in time is a quale. Only a subject can have a perspective on an event in time, because a subject processes world-community, that's what it means to be a subject.… Continue reading Only a subject can be alone

Who do you say that I am?

But who am I? - I am a child of God, like anyone else who identifies with the greatest love within them. God is holy; and human beings are not. Human beings are not whole, and they are not the highest Unity, transcendent supernal Oneness, no that is God. A human being is a divided… Continue reading Who do you say that I am?

Building an atmosphere

A religious ceremony may seem like superstitious non-sense, even to "true believers" of a certain type. Yet it is the farthest thing from non-sense: a ceremony sets the intention of the participants, and that is a very real and powerful force. Manifesting abstract intentions: that is how you bring order into being. Now, what exactly… Continue reading Building an atmosphere

Sin as qualitative state between division and unity

I'm told to imagine that there were a person who lived yet never sinned. And because of having never sinned, this person was God. My first thought would immediately be: well ok maybe, but first of all the obvious question - What exactly is sin? As a child it is difficult to understand what is… Continue reading Sin as qualitative state between division and unity

“The good is a beginning and a completion”

"Love your neighbor as yourself" does not amount to "be nice." I can love my neighbor, or any individual with whom I share human existence, without particularly liking them, and casting toward them a false over-friendliness. I love my child without limits, and yet I can not always like them. But what does it mean… Continue reading “The good is a beginning and a completion”

Reflecting on presence in two testaments and a dharma

Look at how God is presented in the Old Testament: God is spatially present. A tabernacle is built for God to make Godself's visitations. An ark is crafted to direct Godself's presence toward a single point, a small area between wings of seraphim. When structures are created in which a spatial presence of God can… Continue reading Reflecting on presence in two testaments and a dharma